My CFA Visit FAQs 

Using the MyCFAVisit Survey, Chick-fil-A gathers feedback from customers so they can improve their food and service. Customers are asked about food quality, cleanliness, hygiene, and customer service in the survey.


  • Question – Can I take part in the My CFA Visit Survey outside buying everything?

Answer – No, you can only impose upon this offer if you record the unique identifying number on your order certificate. Later you have obtained a few snacks from the outlets, you will be able to have or do insert the My CFA Visit inquiry.

  • Question  – What is the genuineness ending of the unique identifying number?

Answer – You endure it for 3-4 hours. Its remnants right for 24 hours later purchase. You can specify a response at whatever time.

  • Question  – By virtue of how long will it take you to complete the survey?

Answer – It shouldn’t take as well 3-4 notes of a meeting. Questions will be requested about administration, cuisines, work surroundings, and staff member stances.

  • Question – If I mislay my certificate, what will I do?

Answer – Skilled is singular to establish the voucher place the unique identifying number performs. Outside a unique identifying number, you will not within financial means take part in the survey. You concede the possibility of being able to have or do answer the questions because you recall the unique identifying number.

  • Question  – Are Chick-fil-A workers named to free food all along their shifts?

Answer – Skilled are dissimilarities between the tactics of each dining room. While most dining rooms offer a contribution of up to $8 value of fare, skilled are few irregularities. If an operator shifts everything two shifts, they accept two free foods.

  • Question – Is skilled a limit to in what way or manner many coupons I can take?

Answer – Coupons like these are singular and can only be second-hand earlier. You will accept an individual passport per visit. As a scrutinized prize, you will endure a Free Poultry Grinder on your next visit.