Survey Rules

MyCFAVisit admits consumers to share their knowledge and prizes them accompanying a discount rule. Clients can finalize the survey connected to the internet at whatever time. The My CFA Visit survey presents a deduction advertisement rule as a reward for client response.


It takes 5 minutes to finalize the Chick-Fil-A response form, containing any unlimited questions. Later ending the survey, you will accept a Chick-fil-A certificate rule that may be recovered for a clear chicken grinder. Still, you should understand the rules to accomplish the survey.

  • You must bother the slightest 18 age tradition concurrently with an activity that is attractive to the survey.
  • For My CFA Visit Survey parties to sustain a right purchase certificate, they must visit a release.
  • Survey takers must attend to all rules and necessities in consideration of sustaining a Free Grinder Confirmation Law.
  • Confirmation codes cannot be replaced for cash or some additional form of fee. If you use a Chick-fil-A card law, you will continually accept a free grinder.


  • If you have a genuine electronic mail address, you’ll accept a free confirmation law following in position or time favourably doing the My CFA Visit Client Survey.
  • Individual surveys are admitted per obtain voucher.
  • Chick-Fil-A labourers, leaders, managers, and close offspring appendages are prohibited to take the survey.
  • The My CFA Visit client response survey shouldn’t take as well 3-4 proceedings to complete. Skilled will be questions about administration, cards, worker stances, and work surroundings.